Saturday, June 12, 2010

Star Princess

With every Mary doll made there is a sister doll. I work in twos so although
no two dolls are alike since I work in twos they will share a skin tone and are born together making them sisters at birth.

There was magic in the air when I created my boudoir Louise Brooks doll for a friend so I created my own personal doll at the same time. A sister doll.

Star Princess is Mary's true persona. Since she is not from our planet and only takes familiar forms. We may see her as a forties actress or a pop star. But Mary's true identity is that of celestial royalty that will soon come to light with the release of the dolls and their comic book they will come with.

Growing up in the eighties I was inspired by many galactic creatures such as Rainbow Brite and Jem. This special Mary was inspired by my youth and all I felt was, and still beautiful. This is the roots of Mary, my childhood, where she began.


  1. Celestial Royalty,,,like that. She is stunning!

  2. Thank you! She is my personal fave and one of my keeper dolls!