Saturday, May 29, 2010

Always about the basics

A splash of color and Mary is ready to go! In her simple basic attire she achieves a clasic look. A look of elegance and timelessness.

Each basic doll will be dressed in a simple rouged sheath. With a fabulous wardrobe offered seperately. Each fashion is tagged Mary Magpie so she will never loose track of her clothes, but then again what girl would?

Corrinne and Bettina will also grace the scene in the very near future. First run of Basic girls will be available mid July. Please contact me if you have any questions.

No Mary will ever be the same for each is hand painted and a real one of a kind treasure.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Midnight, time seems to stand still.
Mary seems consumed in thought. Will she ever return home???

Released in July Mary's comic will tell all! Who is she? What is she about? Who are her friends?

The world will know soon...................

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Haunting magic~

Mary haunts the stage as she is transformed into a star of the silver screen.

Up and coming~

Being one of a kind dolls, Mary and friends will explore many eras and looks of the past present and future.

Her wardrobe will be vast and creative turning art, desire, and passion into couture.

Romantic moods to Ga Ga attitudes these girls will have it all.

Each doll will come in a basic summer sheath dress in alternate colors and a wardrobe will be available seperately.

Being able to sell the dolls as a basic doll will be more economic for the buyer and then he or she will have the option to buy couture or use fashion doll size clothes they have at home. Either way Mary will fit like a glove into your collection and steal your heart with one glance

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An era not forgotten

Along with the old world charm and appeal, Mary and friends will be visiting many eras of the past. Inspired by art from the early century including Leyendecker, Rackham, and many others.

The past has always inspired me but that does not mean I forget the future~! I always add a flair of the now and what is to come even in my daydreams of the past!

My name is Joey Versaw and I have collected dolls since childhood. My dream since I can remember was to have my very own doll line. Through hard work, faith, and struggle, I bring to you a new line of art fashion dolls unique with individuality!

Each doll is a one of a kind piece of art and take many hours to achieve. No detail is overlooked! Mary will also have three friends joining her soon! Corrinne the pin up, Bettina the kindred spirit, and Bastian the sweet and talented gay boy and beat friend to Bettina!

Mary will also be coming with her very own mini comic to tell her fabulous beginings and give a backstory to all of her friends! Illustrated by comic artist James Meadows it will add imagination and fun to the line! Dolls will be 12 inches tall and fit most fashion doll clothes.

They have slightly bigger hands and feet than a normal fashion doll as I felt this added much needed character and realism! She will have her own shoes made by me but will also fit Jem, Darci, and Bionic Woman doll shoes for play value!~

Dolls are articulated at head, shoulders, and hips. They are strung like vintage dolls to give that yesteryear charm.

I hope you enjoy taking a sneak peek! Dolls will be available for sale in July in my Etsy shop

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