Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up and coming~

Being one of a kind dolls, Mary and friends will explore many eras and looks of the past present and future.

Her wardrobe will be vast and creative turning art, desire, and passion into couture.

Romantic moods to Ga Ga attitudes these girls will have it all.

Each doll will come in a basic summer sheath dress in alternate colors and a wardrobe will be available seperately.

Being able to sell the dolls as a basic doll will be more economic for the buyer and then he or she will have the option to buy couture or use fashion doll size clothes they have at home. Either way Mary will fit like a glove into your collection and steal your heart with one glance


  1. Congratulations Joey on both your Evolution line and this blog. This group photo is luscious, the colors are saturated and those gals are fantastic. Viva Mary Magpie!

  2. Thank you! I am so excited! I am working on three as we speak :) You should have your girl very soon, maybe even tomorrow! :)